Just some struggles that only forgetful people understand

I have no ability to remember anything really.  I can’t remember to perform simple functions like turning off the coffee pot/oven/lights/TV.  I can’t remember events, so I constantly double-book myself without realizing.  

Every once in awhile I decide to invest in a planner.  I spend so long organizing it, putting in all of my obligations, friends’ birthdays, work schedules, etc.  I think to myself “this is going to change everything!”  Fast forward to three days later when I’ve misplaced the planner, making all of my hard work pointless.  I’ve tried to use electronic calendars as well.  I can’t misplace Google, right?  So I fill in everything, only to never, ever look at it.  Like, ever.  

So here I am forgetting everything that’s important putting my social life and sometimes my actual life (can the house really catch on fire from leaving the oven on?) in jeopardy.  These are some of the biggest struggles I and every other forgetful person deal with on a daily basis.  

Your mental state can shift drastically as you remember information

Sometimes I’ll look at my bank account and think “Man, I’m not doing so bad this week! Let’s go out for a drink!”  Later that day, usually after I’ve psyched myself up for the fun evening I’m going to have, I remember that there are no less than five bills that I still have to pay.  Suddenly that bank account balance is looking pretty sad, and my drinks turn into a PB & J sandwich at home.  

Um, what’s her name again?

I can’t remember ANYONE’S name, ever.  I know this about myself, and I’ve learned to accept it.  To counteract that, I focus really hard on remembering people’s names while I’m speaking to them.  I come up with mnemonic devices or little songs to help me remember their name.  The problem is, I spend so much time focusing on the name, that I don’t listen to a single thing they say after that.  I don’t know where they work, what they do, and I have no idea what question they just asked me. Great first impression, I know.  

You never have weather appropriate accessories

I have lived in Florida for many years, and I am aware that it rains every single day.  Yet, I have never, not-even-once during my time in Florida remembered to bring an umbrella.  Nor do I ever remember to bring sunscreen anywhere.  

You never leave your house on the first try

It’s super rare that I go from my apartment to my destination on the first take without forgetting something.  The best case scenario is I remember on the way to my car, so I can just run back up and get the thing.  Worst case scenario is I’m almost to my destination (or sometimes already there) when I remember.  

Texting is hard

If I don’t respond to a text message or email the exact moment I get it, then I never will.  Once I put my phone down, I magically forget that the text even existed.  When I’m really on it and decide to write back immediately,  I often compose brilliant responses only to forget to hit send.  Hours (or days) later, I’ll realize that no one ever wrote me back and find what I’ve done.  

Your house is either completely barren or way overstocked

If/when I go to the grocery store, I usually forget the list I was working on and have to try and remember everything I was out of.  This means that I’ll end up buying extra of all the stuff I already have and buy absolutely nothing that I actually needed.  I may not have toilet paper, but I’ll have shampoo for months.  

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