Struggles that women who rarely get conventionally dressed up understand

If your standard definition of getting “dressed up” isn’t super conventional (i.e. involving makeup and jewelry and fancy heels) or if you just eschew the idea of getting dressed up all together, then you know that on the rare occasion when social convention compels you to all-caps TRY, it can be a major struggle, in so many ways.

You have to re-pierce your ears pretty much every time you wear earrings. 


Your makeup always seems to be expired when you finally need it. 


And, speaking of makeup, you just kind of try your best. 


You never seem to have a handle on the fancy bras that go with dressing fancy. 


When you put on heels, you feel like a kid playing dress up, but in a weird, clumsy way. 


No matter how dressed up you feel, you’re pretty much always a little underdressed.


When you do dress up, people act like they barely recognize you.


And you’re not sure how to react to compliments about how great you look in makeup. 


But honestly, you really just can’t wait to get home and scrub everything off your face and put on pajamas forever. 


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