“Strong” is the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez duet we didn’t know we needed and never thought we’d get

It’s been about a month since Justin Bieber dropped his latest single, “What Do You Mean.” So now, where is his next song? His new album doesn’t come out until November, which still gives him plenty of time to release a new single. Saturday night, one new song actually made its way online, and it’s a song we never thought we’d hear from Bieber. That’s because it’s a surprise Bieber and Selena Gomez duet.

Sorry it’s no longer a surprise, but that’s OK. Because this is the song we’ve been waiting for. And we didn’t even realize it was coming!

The big surprise might be the song itself, since it teams up former couple Bieber and Gomez. The two broke up back in 2014, after dating on and off since 2011. Actually, even as as recently as 2014 they’ve still been spotted together a few times, but it might be nothing romantic at all. The two have remained friends and supportive of one another since their split, and we’re so happy to see that. Mostly because it gives us brand new songs to jam out to, like their latest collab, which is reportedly titled, “Strong.”

For “Strong,” the two go back and forth in a totally stripped down song about — what else? — making a relationship work. While it’s been speculated that prior songs from both of them have been written about the other (like, Gomez’s “The Heart Wants What It Wants“) this is the first time they’re actually singing about love together.

It also appears as if this song was totally not supposed to drop early, and neither one of them has actually confirmed it yet. And, links for it are quickly disappearing across the internet. Too late, Bieber. We’ve listened, and we love it. Now you need to listen, too. Check out “Strong” below!


(Image via Instagram.)

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