This woman endured crazy street harassment while wearing this long parka, because it doesn’t matter what we wear

A picture of a woman wearing a long coat and boots is going totally viral for an incredibly important and essential reason. New Yorker Christen Brandt was walking in the 34th Street subway station when a man passing by her start to harass her, saying “Damn, you have some great legs.”

“When I ignored him and kept walking, he turned to follow me, to get closer, even as I was moving away,” Christen wrote in the photo’s caption. ” ‘Did you hear me, honey? I said you have nice legs. Damn! Thank you.’ ”

Although all of that was absolutely unacceptable and disgusting behavior, there were two words that really struck Christen: “Thank you.” “As if my [five] inches of legging-covered skin were there for him,” she wrote. “Given as a gift wrapped in brown tights. Existing in the world for him to appreciate, or not.”

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