12 streaming Netflix movies that will make you want to hug your dad

Everyone has some kind of father figure in their life that has had a positive influence on them over the years. Father’s Day is around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to celebrate your dad and remind him of all the good times you’ve had together.

Whether it’s a knee-slapping comedy or a high-action film, your dad is a dude who appreciates a solid movie.

So this Father’s Day, you can either turn on a flick together in order to sneak in some bonding time, or you can watch a dad movie on your own, which will inspire you to call him up later and tell him how utterly cool he is. Whatever you choose, just make sure you show your dad some serious love this holiday.

Here are 12 streaming Netflix movies that will make you love your dad more than ever.

110 Things I Hate About You

We’ve come to love this movie over the years because of Heath Ledger’s (RIP!) heartfelt performance and Julia Stiles’s enviable attitude, but there’s also a hilarious subplot of the wacky family that consists of Julia Stiles, her sister, and her father. He’s an overbearing guy who won’t let them do anything, but he comes around in the end.

You can at least watch it and laugh at all the times your dad was strict while you were in high school.



Admittedly, Bruce Greenwood isn’t her actual dad in this movie, but he’s certainly an important father figure that helps a teenager find her way through the Alaskan wilderness. She has run away from home, so there are some themes there that might bring you to tears.

3Finding Dory

Everyone loves Nemo’s dad Marlin, and he’s back in action in this second installment of the Finding Nemo series. His humor and near-paranoia will give you the giggles.


Ms. Hannigan is a real pain to watch, but seeing Annie find a family and an adoptive father in Oliver Warbucks makes it all tolerable. You won’t be able to stop thinking about all the things your dad did for you as a kid.

5Big Daddy

You won’t exactly find a traditional dad in Adam Sandler’s character in this movie, but he ends up being a dad nonetheless. And watching his journey to fatherhood is chaotic, funny, and heartfelt.

6The Road

Bring your tissue box to watch this post-apocalyptic movie. It’s based on Cormac McCarthy’s novel by the same name, and it’s about a father and son who are trying to survive in a world that has been destroyed. It’s sad and frightening, but it teaches us all the best lessons about family and loyalty.



In this quirky movie, Ewan McGregor’s dad reveals he’s gay—at the age of 75. You’ll watch him live out the last few years of his life precariously and honestly, even though he becomes ill.



Writer and director Jon Favreau stars in this hearty comedy about a chef who decides to stop cooking for other people and instead open up his own food truck. He brings his son along for the ride, and there are a lot of bumps along the way. Just make sure you don’t watch this movie on an empty stomach.

9The Bucket List


Let Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson take you on a wacky ride as they try to do everything they want to do before their lives end. There are recurring themes of family and devotion, so you’ll probably want to call up your dad afterwards and tell him how much you love him.



This movie will make you feel things. Consider yourself forewarned. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a boxer who just experienced a tragedy, and he’s doing everything he can to pick himself back up and be the kind of father and athlete people would be proud of.

11The Impossible


Based on a true story, this movie is about a family vacationing in Thailand who gets separated during a huge tsunami. Watch a mother and father fight to reunite, and see Ewan McGregor turn into the ultimate dad hero.

12The Place Beyond the Pines

There are a few different fathers in this movie, each of them as flawed as the next. You’ll see three different storylines intertwine, each with a stellar cast of characters. Oh, and there’s a very tattooed Ryan Gosling in it as well. Happy Father’s Day indeed.

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