11 streaming Netflix movies that will help you get over a friend breakup

Splitting up with your SO is never easy, but a friend breakup can be just as devastating. It’s tough to say goodbye to a person who has been with you for years, through thick and thin, and even if you know it was the right decision, that doesn’t mean you won’t go through the aches and pains. Going through a friend breakup has all sorts of phases, just like a traditional breakup, so give yourself the time to experience all the feelings that come with it, like anger, grief, and even relief.

This is the time for Netflix. Nearly every human experience under the sun has been documented on Netflix, which means there are all sorts of movies that will help you work through the friend breakup you’re currently knee deep in. Some of them are comedies, some are dramas, and others are rom coms that will open up your heart all over again. Whatever you choose to sink your teeth into, these movies will provide you with all the emotional support you could ever need. So grab your favorite blanket and some snacks, because you’re in for some Netflix healing.

Here are 11 streaming Netflix movies that will help you get over a friend breakup.

1Drinking Buddies

This charming movie is about the complicated line between romance and friendship, but it’s more about the latter than the former. Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick, and Ron Livingston co-star, and there’s chemistry all around.

2Mona Lisa Smile

You’ll see your fair share of friend breakups in this flick, which stars an incredible cast of powerful women, including Julia Roberts, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Kirsten Dunst. You’ll laugh one second and cry the next, and you’ll be reminded of what real friendships are made of.


Yes, it’s a romance movie first and foremost, but it’s got some great storylines in there that are based on friendship. Plus, there’s plenty of chocolate porn to sink your teeth into.


Jennifer Aniston shows off her serious acting chops in this drama. After a devastating car accident in which she lost her son, she joins a support group to help her deal with her chronic pain, only to lose a friend to suicide. It’s all about grief, love, and healing. You’ll need a box of tissues for this one.

5Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

The world is coming to an end, so Steve Carell and Keira Knightley are trying their best to enjoy themselves before their lives are over. You don’t know what’s going to happen between these two unlikely friends, but it sure is an entertaining ride along the way.

6The Parent Trap

Okay, they’re technically sisters, but it’s a tale of friendship nonetheless. And no matter what emotion you’re currently going through, this classic movie will warm your heart and remind you what’s most important in life.

7The Lizzie McGuire Movie

You probably (and hopefully) saw this movie a million times when it first came out, but it still offers a lot of charm in your adult years as well. Lizzie and her best friends travel all the way over to Rome. There’s gelato, shopping, singing, and some pleasant drama. You’ll completely forget about the breakup that’s been plaguing your mind.

8High School Musical

Well, as long as you’re on a Disney kick, you might as well watch the musical that propelled Zac Efron into fame. You might be surprised to see that singing along with every lyric will make you feel a whole lot better.

9Captain America: Civil War

If you really think about it, this movie is all about friendships and the commitments we make to one another. The themes of betrayal, duty, and loyalty will stay with you, and there’s no doubt this movie will entertain you from start to finish. Besides, there’s a lot of comic relief in there that will keep you giggling.


Why not get lost in some great music for a couple hours? You won’t be sorry.

11The Imitation Game

This astounding true story about Alan Turing will break your heart, but you’ll be blown away at the (platonic) love and affection between Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley. It’s a tale of how being true to yourself often comes with a price, and how important it is to have loyal people stand beside you until the very end.

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