11 movies you can stream on Netflix and Amazon with your best girlfriends

Movie nights have been staples in our lives since our childhood sleepovers, but they shouldn’t have to end once we are old enough to go out with our friends. We should bring back the tradition, and not just because Chrissy Teigen has adorable movie nights with baby Luna and John, but because it’s so much fun to cuddle up to your best girlfriends and laugh, cry, and sing together along with your favorite movies.

There are so many great movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime that it can be really hard to choose what to watch. In fact, it can sometimes take as long to pick a movie as it would to watch one! So to save you all that hassle, we put together the following list.

Here are 11 of the best Girls Night In movies to watch with the crew ASAP.

1 Sing  (Netflix)


This movie is pure fun, and it will be even more fun to watch with your BFFs while you belt out the soundtrack.

2 The Incredible Jessica James (Netflix)


Jessica Williams is incredible on her podcast, 2 Dope Queens, and now she’s brought her charm and wit to a Netflix original movie that you and your girlfriends will probably find SO relatable. We all wish Williams could be in our friend group, but we’ll take watching her movie with our girls as a compromise.

3 Love and Friendship (Amazon)


Kate Beckinsale as Lady Susan will make you and your friends laugh so hard with her blunt British witticisms. Also: hat goals.

4 Amélie (Netflix)


This movie is a CLASSIC Girls Night In choice because Amélie is such a fun, quirky character who you’ll want to watch on her secret mission.

5 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Amazon)


Tina Fey is a movie night (and life) staple, and her role in WTF as an embedded war reporter shows a new side of her that’s a joy to watch. Fey plays real-life journalist Kim Barker (though in the movie she’s called Kim Baker) in the Afghanistan-set film, and in classic Fey style, it pokes fun a stereotypes — both American and Middle Eastern.

6 Hello, My Name is Doris (Amazon) 


This Sally Field film is a fun one for movie nights with friends because it features a wide range of characters while totally roasting “hipsterdom.” It’s an instant classic!

7 Magic Mike (Netflix)


Watching movies with female protagonists is great for girls nights, but so is watching movies with sexy, shirtless men. Magic Mike is made for friend movie nights when you can all laugh, cringe, dance, and let out a “hot damn” together.

8 Me Before You (Amazon)


No girls night would be complete without a tragic love affair, and since the ultimate romantic movie, The Notebook, isn’t on Netflix or Amazon, Me Before You is a good alternative.

9 Cloud Atlas (Netflix)


This movie is fun to watch with a group mostly because you can all be equally confused and laugh together as you try to explain what’s going on to each other. It’s a suggestion more for the experience than the actual plot.

10 Saw (Amazon)


If you haven’t seen Saw, there’s really no better time to give it a go than with your BFFs who can hold your hand and tell you when the scary parts are over so you can open your eyes.

11 Grease (Netflix)


Is there anything more classic than Grease? Watching the Pink Ladies with your favorite ladies will bring back memories of singing “Summer Lovin’” with your friends before you had any idea what any of it meant.

 Bet you’re going to want to call up your best friends NOW to plan a movie night for TONIGHT. Right?