We’ll be able to stream Beatles music for the first time ever on Christmas Eve!

After a week of hearing conflicting reports, Universal has confirmed that the Beatles will be making their streaming service debut on December 24 at 12:01 AM, local time — just in time for Christmas!

The band’s entire discography will be available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Google Play, Tidal, Napster/Rhapsody, Microsoft Groove, Slacker Radio, and Deezer. The best part? Universal is reportedly making their music available to non-subscription tiers on Spotify, Deezer, and the like. In other words, IT’S FREE.

“We had expected they would probably do an exclusive deal to stream their music with one service, but it looks like instead they are going to be pretty much everywhere from day one,” said Chris Cooke, co-founder of the music industry news site, CMU, in an interview with BBC. “So, I suppose that is them accepting that streaming is now a very serious, significant part of the record industry.” The Beatles have been famously late to the digital game, making their iTunes debut in 2010.

If you’re not already hyped up about this news, check out their official announcement below. What better alternative to Christmas jingles could their possibly be?

(Image via Apple/EMI/Wikimedia Commons)

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