This stray dog waited every day outside a hotel for this woman and now we’re crying happy tears

Well in today’s awww-inspiring news: puppies and planes!

Six months ago, German flight attendant Olivia Sievers met stray dog Rubio in Buenos Aires during one of her frequent flights to Argentina. Being a kindhearted individual (not to mention a dog lover), Olivia gave the poor puppy some affection and a little bit of food. That was it. Yet her new canine companion could not handle the idea of never seeing her again—so he started waiting for her outside her hotel every single time she came to Buenos Aires. (A possible sequel for Homeward Bound?)

As Olivia explained on her Facebook, “I tried to change my way [to and from the hotel] as I did not want him to follow me to the hotel but it was not possible he always followed me.

Olivia even found the pup a home in Buenos Aires, but Rubio kept running away to see her.

Olivia ended up falling in love with Rubio, and decided to adopt him. He no longer has to wait at a hotel for her! He can wait for her at home.

Congratulations, Rubio and Olivia! We are so happy you found each other!

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