The Strawberry Full Moon is happening this week—here’s what this means for your zodiac sign

The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius that will occur on Friday, June 5th, will bring frustrations out to play. Social justice warrior Venus, which is in retrograde in Gemini; action planet Mars, which is in Pisces; and idealistic Neptune, which is also in Pisces, aspect the Sagittarius Moon. You will be cosmically pushed to fight for your visions and dreams to take a stand for a better future. It’s time to make noise and protest for your voices to be heard, equal rights, and justice. No more being compliant. No more silence. No justice. No peace.  

Scroll below to see your full moon horoscope. Don’t forget to check your rising sign, too.


Your idealistic vibe will incline you to give power to your desires and passions. Always keep your dreams alive in your mind and heart. With the right determination, your goals can take flight. You can change the world. Don’t give up on yourself and others right now. You got this!  


It’s a great time to settle your financial debts. Just be sure to set boundaries with your crew, as your besties may ask you for a temporary loan. Stand your ground and try not to feel obligated to lend money that you cannot afford to give at this moment.   


Relationship tests are possible now, as you’re tied up with drama in your partnership. Conversely, you may find that you are connecting on a deeper level with your S.O. Regardless of your circumstances, you will find it is time to turn over a new leaf when it comes to love.   


Add a little extra care into your daily vibe. Affirmations will give you strength, light stretching will help invigorate your bones, and mindful meditation will serve to center your thoughts. Giving yourself some TLC will help step up your energy. You will feel extra invigorated and confident as a result. 


Your emotions are high, which will make you want to pour your heart out to a close confidant. Be careful not to overshare your sentiments, as you may walk away from the conversation feeling slightly embarrassed. Find the proper way to express yourself, without revealing your deepest and darkest secrets.  


Your energy can be over-extended at this time. Find a way to harness your desires with as little effort as possible. You may even want to try meditation to find peaceful vibes within these intense times. Also, you’ll benefit from finding balance with others and the situations in your life. 


Issues with friends will come to the surface. You may feel unseen, unheard, or ignored. When your crew shines their light on you and offers you attention—it feels really good. But, when they disappear and ignore you—it can seem super cold. Talk about your problems to avoid issues.


Some may call you selfish, while others will say that you’re self-sufficient. You’re taking back your power and not letting any negative vibes or words stand in the way of you asserting your voice. It’s time to take care of your own needs right now, which may mean eclipsing others.  


You’ll find yourself thirsting for attention from others now. Don’t shed tears over a pal not resounding to your texts. Chances are, they are dealing with their own drama and are preoccupied. Remember, you’re loved, even if it takes your crew a hot minute to tend to your needs.   


Healing your heart is key. Deep-seated issues may come to light at this time. Don’t spend another second hiding your sentiments. Allow yourself the opportunity to feel your feels. That way, you’ll be able to come to terms with your emotions, with the intention of no longer suppressing them.  


You may need to create boundaries with some of your crew during this full moon. Being the constant shoulder to cry on has proven to be stressful, as you’re unable to deal with your own feelings. If your friends reciprocate the favor, then you can instill minimal limits within the relationship.  


All eyes are on you, which means that you’ll have to put your best foot forward as you navigate through the nuances of being in the limelight. Embrace the popularity and show off your fabulous personality. Let others be jealous of your amazing self. After all, you totally earned it! 

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