Try one of these Strawberry Full Moon rituals tonight if you need more positivity in your life

Don’t put away your Summer Solstice celebration gear just yet — the Strawberry Full Moon is about to arrive. In the early hours of June 28th, the Strawberry Full Moon will light up the night sky, and with it comes the potential to produce some powerful summer magic. If you’re all about soaking in that lunar energy and putting it good use, we suggest trying out one of our Strawberry Full Moon rituals.

Whether you consider yourself a magical being or not, partaking in ritual is an excellent way to tune out our chaotic world for  few moments and focus instead on the beauty and importance of nature and self-love. Ritual provides a moment of calmness, clarity, and connection to the bigger picture.

The Strawberry Full Moon gets its name from the North American Algonquin tribe, who harvested ripe strawberries during this time of year. Like other full moons, the Strawberry Full Moon has strong energies that all of us can feel if we tune in. According to D.J. Conway, author of Moon Magick: Myth & Magic, Crafts & Recipes, Rituals & Spellsthe Strawberry Full Moon enhances psychic energies and can help those in need work on their own inconsistencies.

With that in mind, let’s dive into a few rituals anyone can partake in during the Strawberry Full Moon.

1. Set personal goals for the moon cycle ahead and aim to work on an issue in your life.

Carve out a half hour on the evening of the 27th or morning of the 28th to positively reflect on your downfalls. Don’t beat yourself up over these traits, but instead make a plan of action to better yourself. The Strawberry Full Moon encourages us to start fresh and make positive decisions for a healthier life.

For example, if your focus at work is waning, take physical steps to improve — go to bed earlier, wake up earlier and exercise, eat a nutritious breakfast, etc. Or, if your self-confidence is dwindling, set yourself up with a daily mantra such as, “I am beautiful. I am worthy. I am loved.” Write your goals down in a journal or make a list to stick on your fridge to remind yourself to keep up the good work.

2. Make a Wheel of Fortune.

In celebration of the Summer Solstice, Swedes and Norwegians often make wheels of fortune, which are similar to dream catchers. These wheels can be used two different ways: You can make a wheel that embodies misfortune and discard it by rolling it away from you, burning it, or burying it. Or, you can make a wheel to symbolize good fortune and roll it towards you, or hang it in your home.

Conway writes that wheels were traditionally made from wire formed into a circle and wrapped with ribbon. You can also use an embroidery hoop. Wrap the hoop with a ribbon or fabric of your choice and adorn the wheel with flowers, feathers, or symbols that represent either good or bad luck. It’s a simple craft project that can be used in future spellwork or bring you inspiration for the month and year ahead.

3. Put together a Strawberry Full Moon-inspired meal.

Cooking is about as ritualistic as it gets when it comes to using ritual in daily life — you follow a recipe, set a positive intention, and hope for a positive outcome. So, take inspiration from the Strawberry Full Moon and work your magic in the kitchen. Of course, creating a meal with strawberries at the center makes the most sense. But gather together other fruits and vegetables available this time of year to pay homage to what Mother Nature has to offer.

A Strawberry Full Moon meal could include a fresh fruit salad, strawberry tea, strawberry jam, homemade fruit tarts, and/or strawberry shortcake. Yum!

4. Cast a love spell.

During the late spring/early summer, fertility and love spells are most successful. And those who follow a magical lifestyle know the full moon is the best time to cast any spell to ensure potency.

If you have a favorite love spell in your arsenal, now is the time to cast it. You can also create your own love spell using romance-related tools, such as roses, rose quartz, copper, and red and pink candles. Here’s a spell calling on the Egyptian goddess Ishtar that Conway recommends casting during the Strawberry Full Moon to bring love and companionship into your life:

You’ll need a lavender candle, a candle holder, jasmine oil, and jasmine incense. To concentrate on the task at hand, perform this spell at your designated altar space.

Place the unlit candle on your altar and focus on the flame. Visualize the room engulfed in a golden light while you think about your desired character traits in a companion. Turn toward the East, raise your hands, and say, Within this secret place, hidden from the world, / Outside of time and free of control by man, / I worship in this sacred center. / I greet the Old Gods once again.

Anoint the lavender candle with the jasmine oil from wick to base and place the candle on the holder. Say, Love in all its many forms, / Sweetness, joy, delight, / Bless me with, sweet Ishtar. / Brighten each new night.

Think happy thoughts and partake in activities that make you feel positively about your love life. Say, The Full Moon rises o’er the hill. / Mother, hear me! / Lead me with your loving will. / Mother, hear me! / Grant me joy, my wishes fill. / Mother, hear me!

Light the candle and leave it to burn completely.

Enjoy all the magic the Strawberry Full Moon has to offer.

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