This strapless bra supposedly never falls down, and we’re in awe

So you’ve found the perfect strapless dress you can’t wait to wear to holiday parties and New Year’s Eve, but there’s only one problem: the bra situation. We have a love/hate relationship with strapless bras, for sure, and by love/hate, we mostly mean hate; strapless bras pinch, push, and fall down. Oh do they fall down. Especially if you’re, uh, more gifted in that department, you’ll find yourself pulling up your bra all night when no one is looking (curse you, perfect dress!). Not fun.

So when we found out about a new strapless bra that “never falls down” by Kellie K Apparel, we were intrigued. How could this be? According to Kellie K’s website, they’ve utilized their own technology called GeckTeck, which “is a biocompatible, silicone-based material that achieves superior frictional adhesion using the same physical properties geckos use to cling to almost any surface,” they explain. The bra is supposed to stay in place comfortably no matter what your cup size is.

After their wildly successful Kickstarter campaign (they raised $27k!), Kellie K is offering two styles of this miracle bra: one with wires (the “Ava”) and one without (the “Alice”). Both bras are lightly lined for maximum comfort. They’re not available for immediate purchase yet, but you can preorder them from their website. They ain’t cheap—at $85 a bra (band sizes 30-40 and cup sizes B-F), we hope that’ll be the last strapless bra we’ll ever have to purchase—but we’re so ready for that to happen! Oh, the gorgeous little cocktail dresses we will buy. Sign us up.

To find out more about this magical bra, check out their Kickstarter video below.

Kellie K Apparel 2015 Kickstarter Campaign Video from Anthony Roy on Vimeo.

[Image via Kellie K Apparel]