This is the strangest new iPhone case trend

Honestly, leave it to Japan to come up with some of the most innovative trends. The latest iPhone craze straight outta Japan is particularly well, random. Evian iPhone cases. And they’re exactly what they sound like—phone cases with Evian water bottle labels adhered to them.

Mashable was the first site to pick up on the trend. We’re over here scratching our heads wondering if we should jump on the bandwagon or avoid this one altogether. The idea is so inexpensive, (only requiring a clear phone case and an Evian water bottle label) that it wouldn’t hurt to try it out as a DIY project.

Japanese Instagram users have been eagerly sharing their creations with the world. Some of them go for a clean look, others get crafty:

And this Instagramer even went the extra mile by posting a tutorial on how to make a glittery version of the Evian iPhone case.

She wasn’t even the first Evian fan to post a set of directions. The Japanese website posted a set of instructions on how to do the project. But the process seems pretty self explanatory.

Perhaps we could take the basis of the idea and create Poland Spring iPhone cases, or Fiji Water iPhone cases.


DIY phone cases are nothing new. Bedazzling existing iPhone cases with magazine cutouts or duct tape is old news. But recently here in America, creating your own unique iPhone case with hot glue has become a fun and trendy thing to do. Check out this highly-watched video to see how it’s done:

Whether you decide to hop on this particular trend or not, this project may have inspired you to add your unique style to your own iPhone case. At the very least, we’ve reminded you that if you try hard enough, you can make anything a trend.


Well, at least sometimes. Sorry, Gretchen.

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