A journalist let strangers take over his Twitter account, and the hilarity escalated pretty quickly

It all started with a simple tweet and an idea. Yuri Victor’s going on a trip for a week, so he decided to give us — yep, all of us — access to his Twitter account. Craaaaazy, right? Or perhaps genius?!

Even he knows it’s a risky move to make.

ICYMI, Yuri’s not just any old guy. He not only works for Vox Media, but is also “an award winning designer, developer, and journalist, that has a history of creating ground-breaking news technologies,” states his LinkedIn account.

We’d agree that handing over his Twitter account to Internet strangers is def a ground-breaking technology, to say the least. I mean, would you do it?!

After all, not all of us can be Katy Perry and have the most followers ever (at least, as of two months ago). Nor can we be Martha Stewart and post funny-without-knowing-it tweets.

As Yuri stated, maybe he’s onto something here.

Now, it’s hard to tell if Yuri posted that, or one of his Twitter doppelgangers did. Also, apparently, according to Twitter, some results have been filtered.

So, pressure’s on — now’s your chance to tweet as @yurivictor.

Stumped with what to write?

Here are some ideas of what others have posted and we’re still in disbelief at all the randomness.

This is an interesting idea.

And others are using it for self-promotion. (Btw, @CaseyNewton has 32.4K followers and is a Silicon Valley editor @ verge.)

Some people seem a bit concerned…

Personally, we think it’s fab-u-lous. After all, everyone out there knows Yuri’s doing this, so anything written can’t really be held against him, right?!

And even Yuri may be a bit paranoid about losing followers (unless a doppleganger wrote this one, too?).


To get your Yuri on, you can tweet as him here.

And, you may know that Yuri’s no stranger to Internet fame.

A couple years ago, Yuri tweeted about Netflix crashing and blaming Verizon for it.

Now, Yuri’s experiment may cause Twitter to crash. Okay, we hope not, but you know what we mean.

Which tweets are real? Which are not? We may never know…  until Yuri resurfaces from his trip, at least. So, in the meantime, #TweetAsYuriVictor. We’ll be watching you…