This “Stranger Things”/”X-Men” crossover fan art is the best thing you’ll see all weekend

If you’ve ever wondered what a Stranger Things and X-Men mashup would look like, wonder no longer. Artist Boss Logic took to their social media accounts to share some of their latest fan art, and the outcome will totally blow you away. With a stroke of a pen, Boss Logic makes all of our wildest dreams come true, turning our favorite Stranger Things characters into the superheroes we always thought they could be.

In the fan art, Millie Bobby Brown’s character “Eleven” and Finn Wolfhard’s adorable “Mike” take on some pretty awesome disguises. And who knew that Caleb McLaughlin’s sweet and gentle face could be so… daring? Oh, and prepare to have your socks knocked off when you see what slashing X-Men personality David Harbour is transformed into.

As diehards of the show, it can be hard to imagine the Stranger Things cast coming to life as anything else. But now, because of this fan art, we’ll forever be haunted by images of the Indiana gang entering the Marvel universe. So go ahead and block out your entire weekend if you haven’t already. After feasting your eyes on this artsy goodness, you’ll want to binge your heart out on the Netflix phenom all over again. Your obsession for all things Stranger Things is about to get that much more intense.

Boss Logic won the entire internet with this Stranger ThingsX-Men style crossover.

They transformed Eleven and Mike into Dark Phoenix and Cyclops, and we’re in awe.

It makes sense, right? Eleven’s physic abilities mesh perfectly with Dark Phoenix’s supernatural powers. But Boss Logic didn’t stop there. Just wait until you see what they cooked up for Dustin, Lucas, and Will!

Ladies and gents, meet the new and improved Beast, Bishop and Iceman.

Someone go ahead and nominate Boss Logic for all of the accolades, because this is the fan art we didn’t know we even needed until now. But guys, there’s more! Prepare to be wowed by these “Stranger-X-Men” mixings of Steve, Nancy, Jonathan, Joyce, and Chief Hopper.

Check out the entire series, including installments with Max and Kali, on Boss Logic’s Instagram. Oh, and the rest of their amazing art, too.

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