“Stranger Things” fans think they’ve figured out the season 2 release date based on these clues

Now, we’re all fans of Stranger Things. But it seems that some of us are even more devoted than we realized. Certain Stranger Things fans think they’ve learned the season 2 release date thanks to some very creative thinking. This happened while most of us were freaking out over the Entertainment Weekly photograph of our favorite kids dressed as Ghostbusters, and others were just pumped to learn that there would be a Stranger Things Super Bowl commercial.

But maybe Stranger Things hid a release date in their latest Tweet!

When Stranger Things‘ official Twitter account released an image of a Houston weather report, we assumed it was just a hint about their upcoming Super Bowl commercial.

As you can see, Sunday’s forecast features red clouds, lightning, and some very weird weather for Houston.

But perhaps there is more than meets the eye! (Like most things Stranger Things-related.)

According to a theory posted on the Wrap, the tweet could also be a major hint. Some fans examined the three sets of numbers, ignoring the 11s. (We miss you, Eleven! Come back safe!) Those numbers are 58 and 67, 42 and 50, and 30 and 13. By subtracting the smaller numbers from the larger numbers in those sets, you are left with 9, 8, and 17.


Mind blown! That’s a date! And September 8th is a Friday, and we know how Netflix loves to premiere new seasons on Fridays.

Sure, maybe we’re “digging.” But isn’t that what Stranger Things is all about?

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