Netflix hasn’t confirmed, but “Stranger Things” apparently had HUGE, Mind Flayer-size ratings

Although Netflix is notoriously tight-lipped about its numbers, Nielsen may have outed the streaming service’s Stranger Things Season 2 ratings.

What’s not terribly surprising about this is the fact that Stranger Things Season 2 had RIDICULOUS ratings.

The new season of the fan favorite show cracked 15.8 million viewers, nearly 11 million of which fall into the 18-49 bracket, which is generally considered the most important — and that’s within three days of its launch.

Nielsen equates that 15.8 million number to a live-plus-3 rating for normal TV.

To put that into perspective, that’s around the size of The Walking Dead, which OMG.

Of course, as with most television shows, the ratings tend to drop off as the episodes continue. Lots of people start but don’t finish. (Or at least, they haven’t finished yet.) As such, Stranger Things‘ ratings were (per episode) as follows. Like we said, they aren’t as high as the first episode, but…not bad, Netflix.

“Chapter Two” — 13.7 million viewers; 9.6 million people 18-49
“Chapter Three” — 11.6 million viewers; 8.1 million viewers 18-49
“Chapter Four” — 9.3 million viewers; 6.6 million viewers 18-49
“Chapter Five” — 8 million viewers; 5.6 million viewers 18-49
“Chapter Six” — 6.4 million viewers; 4.5 million viewers 18-49
“Chapter Seven” — 5.3 million viewers; 3.7 million viewers 18-49
“Chapter Eight” — 4.9 million viewers; 3.4 million viewers 18-49
“Chapter Nine” — 4.6 million viewers; 3.2 million viewers 18-49

Netflix has yet to respond to the numbers, and these stats don’t take mobile into account, but they’re still pretty epic. And as we said, we’re not super surprised by this news. Everybody loves this show, right? You might even say we’ve heard stranger things than the ratings for Stranger Things.

Okay, okay. Fine, sorry, we’ll show ourselves out…

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