Natalia Dyer says Twitter’s #JusticeForBarb campaign affected her approach to “Stranger Things” Season 2

No doubt about it, Season 1 of Stranger Things left fans wanting #JusticeForBarb. So much so that they took social media by storm, demanding that the killed-off character get her due.

That’s something Natalia Dyer — who plays Nancy Wheeler, BFF to the late Barb — kept very much in mind while shaping her character during Season 2.

And honestly, how could she not?

"I kind of had to," Dyer told HelloGiggles. "It was very unexpected, the social reaction...As much as all this monster hunting stuff and love triangle is part of [Nancy's storyline], it's mostly about Barb. It's mostly about the friends who were lost and trying to reconcile with that. It really is a driving force behind Nancy."

Accordingly, Nancy will be as much of a justice seeker as ever in Season 2. “It’s one of those things that’s like, what can you do? And I think [Nancy] feels like, ‘The least I can do is get the truth out about what happened.’ That’s the root, the least of what I can do for this family and the town and herself.”

She continued, “It’s a hard thing to learn about. As an actor, you’re trying to live in the circumstances. If I lost my best friend to another dimensional monster, how would I feel?” Then, she reiterated how much Twitter, etc. might have contributed to the season. “Potentially even, if might’ve helped shape the season, #JusticeForBarb trending.” GOOD JOB, TWITTER.

As for Dyer’s relationship with Shannon Purser, who played Barb?

"Shannon is great, she cares a lot and she's fun to work with. I've seen her since [her departure] at some events and around. She's always lovely, but she wasn't on set that much when she was filming because she was only in a couple episodes with us, so we didn't get to be as close."

But Dyer loves seeing how well Purser has been doing, and loves seeing her around: “Of course now she’s off doing lots and lots of things, but it’s always nice when I see her. I think we have, with the Barb thing, a special connection,” she said. “But she’s doing very well — and Emmy nominated, it’s amazing.”

We’re so glad to see Purser going on to work on amazing projects too — Riverdale, anyone? — and here’s to (hopefully) getting some much deserved #JusticeForBarb in Stranger Things Season 2.

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