The first “Stranger Things” Season 2 image is here and let’s just say it’s a beautiful view

If Halloween was proof of anything this year it’s that we just can’t get enough Stranger Things in our lives! You probably saw an endless number of Eggo waffles, christmas lights, and bloody noses – then, at some point, thought to yourself, “WAIT…am I actually in the Upside Down?!” (Dreams, TBH.) But while we all celebrated our favorite Netflix show with massive fanfare, something a little more low-key happened on the set of Stranger Things Season 2 and it has us so crazy excited for next year’s sophomoric effort we can’t contain our chocolate-pudding-loving-hearts.

David Harbour, aka Hopper, just posted this image of himself in costume on the set of Stranger Things Season 2 and oh haiiiiiii, Hopper.

"Hopper's back😏"

Uhhhh…yes, yes he is. Of course, the last time we saw Hopper he was donning the same Hawkins, Indiana police chief uniform and leaving everyone’s favorite, Eleven, a tupperware container of Holiday food and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Eggos.

Which, OF COURSE, made us scream, “OMG ELEVEN IS STILL ALIVE!”


And this adorably punny (WE SEE YOU DAVID) behind-the-scenes image reminds us JUST HOW MUCH we love Hopper…and, you know, his ~assets~.



Hopefully we get a chance to see some more photos in the coming weeks of the rest of our favorite Stranger Things cast members and even some photos of the talent joining them! But until then, we’ll eagerly await the arrival of Season 2 like Mike waiting for Eleven’s return.