Eleven is back and as badass as ever in the final trailer for “Stranger Things”

Are you ready for more things that go bump in the night — and of course more Eggo waffles? In two weeks, Netflix is going to drop Stranger Things Season 2 into our lives, and from the looks of the latest (and last) trailer, we are in for quite a ride this Halloween Weekend 2017.

Some time has passed in Hawkins, Indiana, but it is clear that no one has forgotten the events that took place. You know, how Will was sucked into the Upside Down, and it was up to his best friends — Luke, Dustin, Mike, plus the mysterious Eleven — to save him from the demogorgon. They didn’t do this alone, as they had Will’s older brother, Jonathan, along with Mike’s older brother, Nancy, and her boyfriend, Steve. Oh, and also Will’s mom, Joyce, and the police chief in town, Jim Hopper.

Basically, there were a lot of people in Hawkins trying to take down this evil force, but from the looks of Season 2, everyone thinks they’re now crazy. Are they? Or are these things really happening? And we should be especially worried for Will, who is having nightmares about something else and no one seems to know what’s wrong with him.


Not only that, but there is very much a brand new monster at work, so that’s something to keep you awake at night. At least we know that forever badass Eleven is still up to her usual tricks and suffering the consequential nosebleed from it. You go, girl.

The trailer also includes things like Steve with a big bat! Running through hallways! Eggos! Scary medial stuff! Sean Astin! It’s got it all.

So call up your friends and tell them you can’t come to their Halloween parties this year. Stranger Things lands on Netflix on October 27th.