The “Stranger Things” Honest Trailer confirms our suspicion — Season 1 is just like “The Hangover”

If you’ve seen the first season of Stranger Things — and come on, you *definitely* have — chances are you can name at least a dozen references off the top of your head.

From films like E.T.JawsHalloween,Stand By Me and essentially everything written by Stephen King—which are all alluded to throughout the series — to explicit references like  Star WarsThe Dark Crystal, and The Thing, it’s clear that ’80s pop culture is a driving force on the Netflix series.

But thanks to Screen Junkies, we just found *another* iconic film that parallels Stranger Things — and we don’t think the Duffer Brothers had this one in mind.

In their newest episode of Honest Trailers, Screen Junkies tackled season one of the iconic Netflix series and found that the Goonies-likegroup of kids are actually like the group from The Hangover. Yes, The Hangover, as in the 2009 comedy about a bachelor party gone awry after a wild night, resulting in the groom disappearing.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, but it actually kind of makes sense. Let’s face it, they both contain a group of people who face serious consequences after a night of fun — albeit a very different kind of fun. While Will goes missing after being taken to the Upside Down, Doug finds himself MIA throughout most of The Hangover. And in their attempt to rescue their friend, the rest of the gang gents themselves into some serious trouble.

The trailer also speaks some serious truth about Nancy being trapped between two haircuts — I mean have you seen Steve and Jonathan’s polar opposite coifs? — Winona Ryder’s iconic worried face, and the recurring issue of nobody realizing how dangerous Hawkins Lab is. I mean, come on, there’s a creepy massive lab on the edge of town and nobody in Hawkins knows anybody who works there?

The honest trailer does an incredible job fleshing out the oddities of the first season — with love, of course — without (mostly) spoiling the sequel-eqsue tropes of the second season. While we wait for Screen Junkies to give Stranger Things 2 the honest trailer treatment, we’ll be making our way back to Netflix to capture season one in all its glory.

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