This theory that “Parks and Rec” is connected to “Stranger Things” is hilarious

By now, you should have finished your binge of Stranger Things on Netflix — and if you haven’t, turn away now, and come back once you’ve returned from the Upside-Down.

The show is bursting with ’80s nostalgia and references, along with a ton of speculation that gives way to fan theories. Some fan theories are good, some are downright odd, and others are actually hilarious. It’s right now time for a hilarious Stranger Things fan theory, one that connects it to…Pawnee, Indiana.

Our friends over at Uproxx have crafted a pretty in-depth, and very funny, theory that bridges the gap between the Upside-Down and Leslie Knope. Actually, the theory really bridges the gap between Steven, Nancy’s singing boyfriend, and Jean-Ralphio, the singing businessman of Entertainment 720.


According to Uproxx, while there’s no concrete evidence to truly support that, who’s to say that Steven ISN’T Jean-Ralphio’s father?

“Perhaps the most damning evidence of all is Steve’s big hair,” Uproxx writes. “He has a head of hair so incredible that people have to take notice. He has a head of hair like Jean-Ralphio, or should I say Jean-Ralphio has a head of hair like him. It runs in the family.”

The theory goes on to explain that the Dr. Saperstein we see in Parks and Rec isn’t actually Jean-Ralphio’s real father, while Nancy is Jean-Ralphio’s mother, because, obviously.


“Think about it — no one really knows who Jean-Ralphio is. Jean-Ralphio’s name may also hold a clue to his lineage. Naming your son after the guy who was willing to die for you, [Jonathan], and the guy who you bought an expensive camera for one Christmas seems to make sense. Jean = Jon. Jean-Ralphio is named after Jonathan.”

If you’re not already completely convinced that yes, this is a real thing you should believe, there’s more:

“Let’s keep in mind that Steve and Jean-Ralphio have many of the same traits. They both burst out into song, for example, and both are kind of jerks with a heart of gold. Steve hates doing any sort of work and has issues with his parental figures. He’d much rather be goofing off. Sound familiar?”

S + N = J-R


Mind = blown. Also, don’t forget about the fact that, geologically speaking, Pawnee, Indiana and Hawkins, Indiana aren’t that far apart. In a world where there are portals to other dimensions, and small children who can flip over cars with their MIND, honestly the least far-fetched thing is that Jean-Ralphio’s parents have seen…strange things.

You can read the whole hilarious theory here. There’s also a theory that suggests that Jean-Ralphip is Pawnee’s Upside-Down monster, but we’ll save that one for another day.

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