For everyone who yelled “Justice for Barb!” this “Stranger Things” archival newsreel is for you

One of the greatest travesties of Stranger Things (other than being way, way too short) was the loss of everyone’s favorite BFF…Barb. While the folks of Hawkins, Indiana rejoiced after the return of little Will Byers, poor Barb was stuck in the Upside Down as dead as…well, YOU SAW IT. And so many of us thought to ourselves, “WTF…what about Barb?!” Because, let’s be real, it’s super sad that no one seemed to talk or ask about her at the end of the season. But now, Stranger Things has answered your #JusticeForBarb prayers and released this ~archival news~ footage from 5 WIYZ Hawkins, Indiana.

Behold, Minute By Minute with Brenda.

This appropriately ’80s-styled local newsreel appears to take place relatively early on during the events of Season 1 with Brenda reporting that,

"Barbara Holland, a student at Hawkins High, known as 'Barb' to her friends, was last seen at Steve Harrington's home just a few days ago with a number of other Hawkins area teens."

The video takes things pretty seriously, too, reporting that they had reached out to Barb’s friends and family for comments. However our FAVORITE part of the video has got to be Brenda’s description of everyone’s favorite mom-jean-wearing Hawkins High student.

Like this TRUE AF statement.


And OMG, yesssssss.


There’s even a brief segment of other “local news” featuring “security footage” of the great Eggo robbery of ’83.


Although this newsreel is obviously super fake, we still love it. Because we’re happy to see that Netflix and more specifically, Stranger Things, has acknowledged our concerns about what happened to Barb, and while we’d LOVE to see her reappear in Season 2, we won’t get our hopes up too high. Although…that would be PRETTY awesome. Like shotgunning beer awesome.

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