“Stranger Things” just became the first Netflix show to hit this milestone

Stranger Things took over the world when it premiered, and now Stranger Things is taking over Hall H at Comic-Con! That’s right, the biggest honor a show or movie can get at Comic-Con is going to those kids who took our hearts. And it looks like Season 2 is gearing up to be a pretty incredible one. From the lack of Barb (which we’re actually not too happy about), to the news that Season 2 is going to be much scarier than Season 1, we’re excited.

And now the sweet show that everyone suddenly fell in love with is getting the Comic-Con treatment. Here’s the thing about Stranger Things. We all love it.

But is it big enough for Hall H?

For those who don’t know what Hall H is, it’s basically the big time. At Comic-Con, the room fits 6,000 seats and is usually where the huge topics take place. So this year, our little show is taking over the room. And honestly, the giant room is probably going to be very packed.

Not only does the show have an internet backing, but pretty much everyone watched it. Why? Well, it’s honestly just a good show. Who doesn’t love TV that’s reminiscent of the ’80s — especially if it includes some kids taking on a Demogorgon?

But the Demogorgon is nothing compared to Comic-Con. Eleven, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas are going to take on Hall H, and we all should be there to support them. Well, that is, if you can get in. Honestly, Stranger Things will probably have no problem filling the hall. Why? Well, again, everyone loves this show.

Now, Stranger Things isn’t the first TV show to do this — Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead have done so. But it is the first Netflix TV show to get this honor. And that’s a really big deal for both the show and Netflix as a whole. So get ready for whatever news they’re going to give us, because these kids are taking over Hall H, and we couldn’t be happier!

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