We have an answer to that “Stranger Things” burning question about Steve and Nancy

Just like Season 1, Stranger Things Season 2 wraps the big, main storyline…and in the process starts a dozen more. While we don’t have time to go into all the loose ends and cliffhangers that come at the end of Episode 9, “The Gate,” we do have an answer to one burning question:

During Stranger Things Season 2, does Steve ever manage to apply to college?

Yes, if you have binged through all nine episodes of Season 2, you know that Episode 1 starts off with Steve writing a college admissions essay. Nancy’s reaction to Steve’s essay tells us all we need to know — it’s…fine?

Okay, the admissions essay actually needs a lot of work, and Nancy offers to help Steve clean it up so he can get into a college, and all that fun stuff. But then, Steve offers to not go to college: to stay in Hawkins and work with his dad, and to continue to be close to Nancy. Then the shadow monster invades Hawkins, and the demo-dogs are on the loose, and Steve suddenly finds himself “babysitting” Dustin, Lucas, and Max as they try to put a stop to these evil beings.

You try writing a college admission essay under that kind of stress.

The last episode jumps forward to Christmas time, where we see Steve and Dustin roll up to the school dance. It’s not like Steve’s got an admissions packet on the front seat of his car, so this really begs the question: IS STEVE GOING TO COLLEGE?

As someone who once applied to college, I know firsthand how hella stressful it can be, and it’s not something that can be done overnight and/or while battling a monster from another dimension. I also know that early admissions deadlines are super early, and notices for accepted students usually start coming out in early winter, so honestly, I’m just asking about Steve because I’m curious. And I need to know if Nancy helped out, yes or no.

I asked the cast of Stranger Things on the red carpet at the Season 2 premiere, and Natalia Dyer basically knows Nancy gave up trying to help Steve:

"Yeah, I don't think [she helps him out]. It's really just hard to think about college at this point. I think they need a little time. I'm not sure she's in a place to be giving him grammar advice, you know? But we'll see. We'll see. It'll be very interesting to see what these kids do, 'cause it is. It's the end of high school, man. It's a big time."

As for Steve himself, Joe Keery laughs at the question:

"Man, [he does] not [apply] in screen time that you see. I don't think he has the has time for that. Maybe he does after."

So there you have it! Burning question, answered! Now back to theorizing about the 456,790 unanswered loose ends about Stranger Things Season 2.