If we’re lucky, “Stranger Things” might do a musical episode

If you’ve watched all of the Stranger Things after show, Beyond Stranger Things, then you know that at one point the Duffer brothers, Matt and Ross, make a joke about a Stranger Things musical episode. That sounds like the dream Stranger Things scenario, right?

Right. And while it’s one thing to joke about it, it’s another thing to actually ask them if a Stranger Things musical episode is going to happen.

And even if it’s not a real, canon Stranger Things episode, it’s a possibility. The good news is that they’re certainly open to this offhand joke becoming a reality. The bad news is that they know it’s a good idea, and are worried what might happen if they mess it up along the way.

"[We don't want to] end up with the Star Wars Christmas special," Matt Duffer explains during an interview with HelloGiggles at Chapman University, following their first ever Master Class. "That's what [a Stranger Things musical episode] is going to become."

But considering the show’s already impressive Broadway pedigree — Gaten Matarazzo played Gavroche in Les Misérables, Caleb McLaughlin was Young Simba in The Lion King, Sadie Sink was Annie in Annie! — along with the fact that Joe Keery and Charlie Heaton both have their own bands, something like a musical episode kinda makes sense. And Matt promises he’s going to mull it over, considering the cast is already stacked with talent.

"I'll tell you I'll think about it," Matt continues. "There are so [many things to consider]. I mean, [the kids] are amazing singers. Sometimes, I've been with them and, you know, Sadie and Millie [Bobby Brown] will just start singing. Gaten will sing. They'll be correcting each other pitches. Its pretty impressive. It's really amazing."

Now imagine that as a one-off special, or even the new Episode 7 of Season 2. However…the brothers know there’s one wildcard in the cast: Finn Wolfhard.

While Matt is quick to point out, “Finn’s a talented musician,” the other Duffer, Ross, notes that he’s never the first to jump at the chance to sing.

"Whenever they're doing karaoke, Finn always is like, 'I'm not doing it, I'm not involving,'" Ross explains. "So maybe he just doesn't like singing in front of me. That maybe it."

Well, let’s hope that Finn can muster up some strong pipes and really belt it out when the time comes. Let this be the beginning of the Stranger Things musical episode rumor — tell your friends.