The “Stranger Things” kids performed a Motown medley with James Corden, and we need this cover band to be real

In maaaaaybe our favorite sketch of all time, James Corden did a bit with the Stranger Things kids about their *real* Motown cover band. None of those are words we thought we’d ever put in a sentence before, but hey, live and learn.

The bit shows James Corden and the kids from Stranger Things, and how they came up together as a Motown cover band called The Upside Downs. The band was tragically broken up when everybody got a part in Stranger Things. Other than, obviously, Corden.

In addition to being kind of hilarious, the sketch is also super adorable, and BONUS: these kids are RIDICULOUSLY talented.

Like, we’ve heard that Gaten Matarazzo, aka Dustin, is a super talented singer. But we didn’t know that basically all of these kids are triple threats. (Well, we don’t know about the dancing thing, although we’d like to…hear that, Corden?)

Check out the hilarious bit below!

If you’re pressed for time, def skip to the end to see the “reunion” performance from The Upside Downs. Really, though, you should watch the whole thing. If only because we find out that Corden auditioned to be Eleven — in costume, complete with a bloody nose. #ICONIC

We know that The Upside Downs aren’t a real band, but we’re definitely interested in living in the alternate reality in which they are so we can go to a concert. But we’ll def settle for an encore performance…or two…or three. So kids, James Corden, set that up, please — and stat.

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