Finn Wolfhard explains why Mike is holding a lame candle to fight the Demodogs in “Stranger Things”

When it comes time to fight the Demogorgon, and the equally as terrifying Demodogs, you’re going to need to be prepared — why do you think Steve’s been driving around Hawkins for a year with a nailed-up bat in his trunk?? You never know when evil forces will strike, and in the world of Stranger Things you’ve got to be prepared and ready to fight with whatever’s nearby. Even if it’s a candlestick.

Did you happen to notice that Mike Wheeler is literally using a candlestick as a weapon during the penultimate episode of Stranger Things? Hopper and Nancy both have large guns, Steve’s got his bat, Lucas has his slingshot, Dustin has his cunning charm and wit (??), and that leaves Mike to grab whatever’s nearby. Like, a candle. That’s literally the direction he was given when it time came to arm himself for this battle: Grab whatever’s sitting around.

Or, according to Matt Duffer, grab whatever’s sitting around so you stop complaining about not having a weapon, Finn Wolfhard.

During the Stranger Things panel at Vulture Fest in Los Angeles over the weekend, the cast and crew of Netflix’s hit series took to the stage to talk all things Upside Down. Wolfhard explained that shooting that showdown scene with the Demodog was one of the best days, because the entire cast was there, including Eleven. But no sooner can Wolfhard get out that “it was the most fun I’ve ever had on a set,” Matt jumps in to remind him that he had been complaining all day. Why?

“You were complaining because you were holding a candlestick,” Matt said.


"I wanted [a weapon]," Wolfhard explained to the crowd. "Everyone had kind of a weapon, And Mike, who is this kid? What is he going to do [without a weapon], put up his fists, like 'Yeah put 'em up?' So I was like, he should have something. And [the Duffer Brothers] were like, 'Check out the table.' On the table, there's a plant here, a book, a picture of the [Byers] family, and I was like '...I guess it's the candle?'"

In hindsight, Wolfhard’s not sure the candlestick was a good idea. It might have been better just to go into the battle empty-handed.

"Everyone notices! Everyone watching was like, 'That kid is holding a candlestick.' My sister has a gun, two people have guns in the room, Lucas [has a slingshot], at least that's something...Do you think I [could] cuss at a Demogoron [to defeat him], and he'll go 'WHOA!'"

Wolfhard hopes that one day, maybe come Season 3, Mike “finally kicks some ass.” Just be sure to leave the candles on the table, where they belong. Joyce’s house doesn’t need to be dismantled anymore than it already is.