11 memes guaranteed to make every “Stranger Things” fan laugh

While we all wait on baited breath for the return of Stranger Things next year – like Mike waiting for the return of his beloved Eleven – there are plenty of amazing fan art pieces to tide us over. Although, let’s be real, it’s gonna be a loooong wait until 2017 (and let’s not forget, we don’t even have an official date yet!). In the meantime, check out a few of our favorite hilarious fan art pieces… like these 11 (ELEVEN – see what we did there?!) hilarious memes guaranteed to make every Stranger Things fan LOL.

1. Like this ~origin story~.


2. This hilarious Arthur mashup.


3. This truth about Barb going missing.


4. This really good point that many of us can relate to.


5. This #relatable level of stress.


6. This ~reimagining~ of Stranger Things as a comedy.


7. This joke that’s so bad, it’s good.

8. This set of images that sums up our feelings about the ol’ Nancy-Steve-Jonathan triangle.


9. This image that sums up our new thoughts on dust.


10. This eerily perfect SpongeBob correlation.


11. And finally, this badass truth.

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