Forget Justice for Barb, we need Justice for Mews during “Stranger Things” Season 3

The following post contains spoilers from the second season of Stranger Things. If you haven’t returned to the Upside Down *just* yet, you better pick up your spiked bat because it’s about to get wild.

Season two of Stranger Things or Stranger Things 2, if you’re the Duffer Brothers — finally saw justice, or at least closure, for the late Barb Holland. But just because we can finally put #JusticeForBarb to rest doesn’t mean Season 2 didn’t see at least one innocent Hawkins resident become collateral damage in the fight against the Upside Down’s new Big Bad, the Mind Flayer.

Yes, Bob Newby’s (Sean Astin) harrowing death at the hands of the Demodogs — Demogorgans + Dogs = Demodogs, as eloquently named by Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) — was soul crushing, but it was the first victim of the Demodogs that had us realizing exactly how dangerous the new Upside Down creature was.

Just as Dustin was getting acquainted with his sketchy new pet Dart, the rapidly growing Demodog brutally murdered his family cat Mews, who was already wary of the then-tiny beast.

As much as we’ve been mourning the devastating death of Bob “The Brain” Newby, fans have also been left reeling from Mew’s untimely demise, calling for Justice for Mews.

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We can all *probably* agree that it was a terrible idea for Dustin to decide to keep Dart as a pet, considering he more than tripled in size over the course of a day. Not to mention that Dustin was very much a part of season one — when, you know, the Demogorgon was going around murdering people — and it’s clear Dart is in the same family of species. But you know what? Being 13 is *the worst* and with all his friends preoccupied with the Upside Down nonsense and everything that comes with being a preteen, it comes as no surprise that Dustin felt like he needed the win.

But still, a precious life was lost and Mews never *really* saw any justice — being unceremoniously replaced by ‘Tews. Plus, Mews’ murder has been overshadowed by the fact that it brought Steven and Dustin together, which was probably one of the best pairings of the second season.

So if the Duffer Brothers are listening, give Mews a *teeny* bit of justice next season, even if it’s just a framed portrait in the bathroom, a la Barb.

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