This “Stranger Things” cast member ‘80s style rapping has us seriously LOLing

We’re not surprised that everyone seems to find Gaten Matarazzo is as adorable as we do. So, when we saw that the Stranger Things star would be starring in his very own Old Navy commercial, we thought it was only right! Aside from Gaten being insanely cute, he proved to all of us that he can hold his own when it comes to singing and rapping in the commercial. The actor also showed off some killer dance moves, which helped to loop the ’80s theme together perfectly.

Watch Gaten bust a move as he’s rapping and singing along to Technotronic’s 1989 hit “Pump Up The Jam,” below.

"Am I doing this right?" Gaten breaks and asks before jumping back into the track. 

He’s seriously the best! How these kids are so crazy talented is beyond us. We totally don’t remember being a triple threat when we were teenagers.

And we absolutely love how Gaten is always himself and showcases his fun personality in whatever he does. He’s totally becoming a role model to other kids looking up to him, and we think that’s the best part!

By now, you can totally see how fond we are of Gaten and the entire Stranger Things cast. We’re definitely rooting for them!

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