14 funny and amazing “Stranger Things” fan art pieces that will make you inexplicably happy

While we eagerly await an ~official~ Stranger Things Season 2 announcement from Netflix, we’ve been doing our very best to fill the void. There have been some great theories, appreciations of the amazing cast, as well as some pretty funny images.

And to step it up a notch, we now present you with some of the best, funniest, and just awesomely strange fan art we found out there in the Upside Down, er, world.

1. Like this Star Trek and Stranger Things geek-tastic mashup.

2. This adorable homage to Shel Silverstein’s classic.


3. This pawesome piece.


4. This PERFECT Simpsonized set.


5. This 8-bit beauty.

6. This DUSTIN-MOJI!!!!

7. This fancy AF Joyce GIF.

8. This lovely nod to Dungeons & Dragons.

9. This creepy but kinda cool Barbogorgon.


10. This cutely customized display.

11. This homage to an unsung hero, Benny.


12. This eerily gorgeous artwork of Barb and the Demogorgon.

13. This super cool comic book reimagination.

14. And finally, this masterpiece.

Dustin and his pudding for the win.

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