“Stranger Things'” Eleven met “The NeverEnding Story’s” Childlike Empress and it was so beautiful

One of the (millions of) things we love about Stranger Things is how perfectly it captured the ’80s. From the costumes to retro movie nods, it was so much nostalgic goodness. So, when Stranger Things’ iconic hero Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) met real life ’80s icon The Childlike Empress (Tami Stronach) from The NeverEnding Story, our minds basically exploded. Over the weekend, Tami, who’s grown up to be an insanely talented and gorgeous dancer IRL, moderated a Q&A with Millie at Rhode Island Comic Con. And now, our ’80s girl-loving-hearts are full of so much joy!

Just look how happy these two are together!

And we agree with you, 110% Tami, Millie is a bright bright star indeed!!!

You can see Tami and Millie’s adorable panel here.


Some of the things these two amazing ladies discussed were Millie’s love of singing (you can hear her sing in the video above at the 2:00 mark), reading (she’s currently reading Narnia), and the fact that she’s attempting to build a treehouse (because OF COURSE she is!). Millie also revealed that she really wants to be in The Walking Dead and would love to take on a role like Princess Leia from Star Wars. And can we just say, “MAKE THIS HAPPEN!”

We love that Tami moderated this Q&A, since she had experience as a child star herself!

Maybe Tami can make a cameo in Stranger Things Season 2 to bring it EVEN MORE ’80s goodness?! Netflix, are you listening? Call her naaaaaame!