“Stranger Things” fans can fight off the Mind Flayer with this Eleven bleeding nose candle

To add to the list of weird things you can buy on the internet that we’re a little concerned by but ultimately definitely need…there’s a Stranger Things candle holder that looks like Eleven with nosebleed when the candle wax starts to melt. When we think of Stranger Things-inspired decor, we mostly think of redoing our apartments like an ’80s arcade or throwing a nice artsy print up on a wall to pay homage — but, like, this is great too.

This Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle comes from a company called Firebox.

You can pre-order this candle now for $39.19, which TBH, sort of sounds like a steal for something this offbeat and unique.


Plus, the description of this creative Stranger Things paraphernalia is pretty on point.

-Possibly the strangest thing we've ever created -Bleeds from both nostrils as you melt down the candle -Beautifully hefty ceramic ornament

And we’re also very excited about the other two descriptors for this item:

-May possess psychokinetic abilities -Comes with a handy 'nose picker' tool to remove blockages

Even Eleven herself, aka Millie Bobby Brown, is super into this weird product, and who could blame her? false

We know that Halloween season is over, but we think that an Eleven candle is a timeless piece that works year-round. Just think, you’ll have this amazing conversation starter, and then next Halloween — and when Stranger Things Season 3 rolls around — you won’t even have to decorate. Bam.

Real talk, though: We’re very concerned about Eleven and her nosebleeds and we’d like somebody to help her with them.

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