“Stranger Things” fans can now eat a Demogorgon for lunch and it looks delicious

For anyone who was terrified of getting eaten by a Demogorgon while watching Stranger Things (RIP Barb), there’s a diner in the UK that’s making all your dreams come true. Rather than you becoming a snack for a Demogorgon, you can actually have a Demogorgon for lunch (without any intense Eleven-style mental fight required).

The Lucky Chip restaurant chain in England is offering “The Demogorgon” burger.


It’s appropriate name comes from the fact that the burger is filled with Demi-Gorgonzola cheese and a bunch of other incredibly juicy ingredients. It’s a very clever spin on the very scary monster’s name and we are absolutely loving it.

But that’s not the only Stranger Things-themed item on the menu.

Among the other meals you can get that will make you immediately feel like you’re in a tiny Indiana town shrouded in mystery is the (Eleven-approved) “Eggos Waffle” burger.

This specialty menu is only being advertised as available in October. So if you’re not already there (or able to transport telepathically), consider booking tickets to visit ASAP so you, too, can enjoy these delectable and fun meals.

h/t Mashable

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