Dungeons & Dragons may hide HUGE clues for season two of “Stranger Things”

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s Stranger Things yet, you’re seriously missing out. Not only is it an incredible homage to 80’s pop culture, but it’s just downright excellent TV. Believe the hype, people!

If you *have* watched Stranger Things, you’re hip to all of its references to the time period: the music, the obsession with the supernatural, the perpetual playing of Dungeons & Dragons. But what you might not know is that the fantasy role-playing game holds many secrets about the Stranger Things story itself. In a theory put forth by Movie Pilot, the game could hint at big things ahead:


“Not only does the game explain the role of each of the kids in the series, but also possibly a connection between Eleven and the monster, in addition to laying down the foundations for Season 2,” theorizes Movie Pilot.

The D&D universe has many different types of characters, each with their own traits. When comparing the Stranger Things cast to these characters, it’s clear that each of the boys represents a different one.

Specifically, Mike is a paladin, Will is a rogue, Dustin is a bard, Lucas is a ranger, and Eleven is a sorcerer.


Not only do their D&D personalities tell us how they play the game, but it also reveals their strengths, weaknesses, and how each will handle what’s thrown their way — in the game and IRL. Hello, foreshadowing. The parallels between D&D and the Stranger Things plot are crazy awesome.

There were three things their final D&D campaign left unanswered: the lost knight, the proud princess, and the weird flowers in the cave. Or, Chief Hooper, Eleven, and the monster.

Their D&D “game” eerily followed what happened in real life, and we’re willing to bet it will happen again in Season 2

Read Movie Pilot’s full explanation of how closely D&D relates to Stranger Things here!

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