Someone recreated “Stranger Things” with a pug and it’s the greatest thing of all time

Despite only being eight episodes long and being a fairly recent show, Stranger Things seems to have taken over the world. Not only are the kids from the show actually BFFs IRL, they also have hidden talents, like the fact that they’re great, amazing singers. And good news: it’s just been recommissioned for a second season, due sometime in 2017. Which also of course means that people have been creating their own creepy Stranger Things-themed titles, which you may have seen cropping up all over the internet.

Another thing the Internet absolutely loves, of course, is animals. So, it was only a matter of time before Stranger Things and internet animals converged.

You might be familiar with Doug the Pug, the internet famous animal who has featured in videos with the likes of Fallout Boy and Demi Lovato.

Doug the Pug is known for his hilarious recreations of famous TV shows and pictures.

Here he is doing Friends

Or doing his best Taylor Swift…

Now the adorable pug has given his hand at recreating Stranger Things and it’s 100% brilliant.

The clip sees Doug take on a variety of roles, including Barb and her now iconic red hair, and it’s SO adorable we don’t even think we can handle it.

We’re not gonna lie, we’d TOTALLY watch a whole season of Doug the Pug doing Stranger Things. Wouldn’t you?

We wonder what role Doug will take up next…

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