This “Stranger Things” cast member wants to direct a music video, but he needs our help

The talented kids of Stranger Things consistently impress us. Their enthusiasm for their craft and each other is infectious. Plus, they’ve begun venturing out into other creative avenues. And it’s got us even more in awe of their every move.

That’s why we’re so impressed with Finn Wolfhard’s directorial debut in an upcoming music video for the band Playdate.

To be accurate, we’re impressed with his desire to direct the band’s music video. Wolfhard and his partner Josh Ovalle recently launched and Indiegogo campaign that asks for contributions to reach $6,000 in order to make an awesome music video that the two would co-direct.

Hopefully with Wolfhard’s major star power thanks to all the (well-earned) accolades from Stranger Things, this project will have no problem getting funded. And, TBH, it actually sounds really interesting.

Wolfhard wants the music video to be stylized.

But it won’t be Stranger Things-style SciFi. Instead, he and Ovalle want to make a western. Except this coming-of-age western would be set in modern times, with two main characters both being teenagers, like Wolfhard.

He describes the storyline on the project’s Indiegogo page. And it honestly sounds like something powerful and fascinating.

He writes, "A Western of sorts set in modern day suburbia is where we meet Spike (14 years old), who sets out to save beautiful Emily (14 years old), from her abusive household."

Like all great heroes, Spike’s efforts get thwarted. And, as in a typical western, it results in a showdown between good and evil.

It definitely sounds like a worthwhile project. And it’s mind-blowing that someone so young could already be so accomplished and such a creative visionary. We can’t wait to hear more about this project and – hopefully – many more awesome ones like this from Wolfhard in the future.

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