“Stranger Things” is looking for more cast members, and one of them could be you

Ever dream of being in the Upside-Down? But, uh — not long enough to suffer a fate as bad as Barb’s? Well, you might be in luck. As it turns out, the Stranger Things casting department is looking for some fresh faces to fill a few background scenes in the much-anticipated second season.

A casting notice recently hit Backstage that noted a need for males and females from Atlanta, ages 17 and up. That could be you!

Of course, the notice currently says that it’s for an “untitled TV series for a major streaming service,” but the clues all point to Stranger Things. For one, the first season was shot in Jackson, Georgia and other small local towns around that area. Second off, the call is looking for “1980’s-looking people,” which fits with the Stranger Things time period. And third, the notice is asking for participants willing to cut their hair.

(Ahem) false

(Luckily, they’re looking for a small commitment of bangs being cut, not a full shave. We can’t all be as brave as Millie Bobby Brown.)

Just think: Not only can you tell people that you were an extra in Stranger Things, but you’ll get a chance to be BFFs with the amazingly incredible cast. Plus, we’re guessing that there might be a few complimentary Eggo waffles at the craft service table. (If not, there should be. I mean, come on.)

While all casting notices are exciting, and often give us a small glimpse of what’s to come on our favorite TV shows, this one is especially great. Not only does it help fuel our dreams of hanging out in Hawkins, but it’s yet another reminder that season 2 is underway!