These “Stranger Things” cast members just did #22PushUp challenge and it was awesome

Just when you thought the kids of Stranger Things could not get any cooler, they go and do something like this.

The cast’s precocious child actors recently took part in the #22PushUp challenge, a social-media movement dedicated to raising awareness about the high suicide rate among U.S. veterans pioneered by non-profit organization 22Kill. (The number “22” relates to a troubling statistic: An average of 22 veterans commit suicide every day.)

Some of our favorite actors took part in the cause, including Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler on the Netflix original series, and Millie Bobby Brown, also known as the Stranger Things character Eleven.

Finn cranked out his 22 push-ups on a hotel room floor, nominating fellow actors Isabel Vidovic, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Joe Keery (his Stranger Things co-star) for the next round.

Millie did her push-ups on the beach, nominating her co-stars Matthew Modine and Noah Schnapp and friends Maddie Ziegler (“because she looks flawless in everything she does”) and Chloë Grace Moretz (“I’m a big fan of her, she’s a big fan of the show, I know she can do it!” Millie says. She’s too cute.).

“I think this is a great way to raise awareness for the veteran mental health charity,” Millie says in her video.

After watching these kids make their videos, we’re feeling inspired to make our own. We’re sure their efforts are definitely going to make a difference!