Stranger Things dropped the products you need to get big ‘80s hair for your costume

If you’re planning on showing up to ~the Halloween function~ dressed like literally any character from Stranger Thingsyou’re going to want to turn your attention to Bumble and Bumble’s The Awesomely Big Hair Duo kit. It contains everything you need to get that larger-than-life ’80s hair—a necessity for anyone planning to take a trip to the Upside Down.

Bumble and Bumble teamed up with Netflix’s Stranger Things to create this must-have product for anyone trying to cop Steve Harrington’s (Joe Keery), Nancy Wheeler’s (Natalia Dyer), or even Mrs. Wheeler’s (Cara Buono) look this Halloween season. (Though all respect to you if this is for everyday styling.)


The Awesomely Big Hair Duo ($24) contains travel-sized versions of Bumble and Bumble’s Dryspun Texture Spray and Spray de Mode hairspray. And perhaps the best part of the duo is the fact that it’s sold in this totally rad ’80s packaging.

Is it just us or does this thing look like a Stranger Things collector’s item?

You can buy the duo kit—which is a $31 value—for $24 right here:


And if you need some inspiration for how to use the products in the duo kit, Bumble and Bumble has you covered. The brand uploaded Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler, and Mrs. Wheeler hair tutorials to its Instagram.

TBH, the looks are pretty simple to achieve.

We’ve never been more excited, nor more prepared, for Halloween. This Bumble and Bumble x Stranger Things hair kit will come in handy for our costumes and in our everyday lives. Because, hey, who doesn’t want a little ’80s hair every now and again?

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