Surprise, Netflix is actually dropping a *second* “Stranger Things” show tonight at 12:01 a.m.

Just like the town of Hawkins, Indiana, Netflix works in mysterious ways. And since they know we just can’t get enough Stranger Things, they’re actually dropping a second Stranger Things show.

That’s right, not just one Stranger Things show will start streaming at 12:01 a.m. tomorrow, but two Stranger Things shows. So your binge just got a little bit longer — by about seven episodes.

While the second show won’t be a straight series with a narrative, that’s probably for the better as you’ll probably have a lot of feelings/emotions to digest already. Rather, this second show will be an after-show talk and discussion, where we all try and figure out WTF we just watched. The series, Beyond Stranger Things, will be hosted by superfan Jim Rash — aka, Dean Pelton on Community, Oscar Award writer for The Descendants, and the guy who did THIS on stage while accepting his Oscar. Let’s hope he’s not the only superfan to take a seat in Mike’s basement, as Patton Oswalt should really be doing hype for Season 2 as well.

Each installment of the after-show will focus on an episode of Stranger Things, and expect the cast and crew of the breakout Netflix series to stop by. ALSO, this should be obvious but here’s a friendly reminder: Don’t watch the after show until you’ve finished through to Episode 8 of the OG series! Because #SPOILERS.

Both series will drop on Netflix at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, so clear your weekend plans. You’ve got to take a road trip back to Hawkins.