Indulge your “Stranger Things” needs with this 8-bit video game

Who among us hasn’t binged a Netflix TV show by now? Whether you’re into dramas, comedies, or everything in between, we’ve all watched everything a show has to offer and then… That’s it.

For most of us, Stranger Things was definitely one of those “give me more NOW” kinds of shows. Because of the show’s constant evocation of 1980s pop culture, fan art and work started popping up really soon after the show’s drop last year. One of those fan works was an unofficial 8-bit video game with dope music.

Now Netflix has finally released their own official 8-bit video game, and of course there’s a level where you have to outrun the Demogorgon.

Interestingly, Netflix’s game features not just Stranger Things, but also Orange is the New BlackNarcos, and uh, Marco Polo. The premise is extremely simple: In each themed level, you play as a character trying to evade capture. (The OITNB level has you as Piper Chapman, trying to capture chickens.)

But the draw is, of course, playing a little 8-bit sprite Mike Wheeler outrun security guards and the Demogorgon. The show’s pulsing music also gets a chiptune makeover to fit the game. Sure, it’s not the most built out video game, but it’s a quick way to indulge your Stranger Things thirst — that is, until season two finally drops this year.

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