The strangest Snuggies you can buy right now

Every time I see a Snuggie, I think of Liz Lemon and her knock-off Snuggie: the Slanket. Liz proudly proclaims that her Slanket-love is all ironic, “I’m wearing it as a joke!” Sure you are, Lemon. Except that Liz keeps wearing it, looks the coziest, and suddenly even me (rational me) couldn’t get thoughts of curling up in my own ridiculous looking (but ridiculously cozy) Snuggie/Slanket out of my head.

Thankfully, just in time for the holiday season, the Snuggie is making a bit of a comeback. No longer can we say that the Snuggie days were a flash in the pan — they seem to now be full staple status. Big yes to that.

The other good news is gone are the days of boring single-colored (and leopard print for the wild children among us) Snuggies. There are some pretty weird ones for sale right now which means some individual Snuggie-fication and the opportunity to let your personality shine through your Snuggie choices. So while we might have at one time pulled a Liz Lemon and laughed at our Snuggie-love, perhaps now’s the time to admit they’re freaking comfortable and we want to curl up in them all of the time. Maybe if we all buy these ridiculous Snuggies, it won’t be so weird? Strength in numbers?

Here are just a few of the strangest Snuggies you can buy online right now — and have overnighted so you can begin an epic Snuggie snuggle tomorrow.

The brand new line of Snuggies: Snuggie Up

First off, Snuggie has released some new Snuggies and we’re MEGA happy to reap the benefits. These new pretty off-the-wall Sunggies include the evening gown and tux Snuggies. As the website elaborates: “Make date night relaxing with a cozy blanket at home!” Ladies, this is the new way to judge how good your bae is at planning date night.

If you’re more of the outdoorsy type, there are beach ready Snuggies. The product description reads: “This buff-bodied man in a pair of trunks will surely entertain your living room or outdoor adventures.” Serious question, why are you wearing the Snuggie outside?? Is that acceptable nowadays? If yes, tell me ASAP.

Rihanna’s Snuggie dress

If there’s anyone who can flawlessly pull of a Snuggie dress in public, it’s RiRi. She wore a DKNY sweatshirt dress through LAX (so yeah, not technically a Snuggie . . . but literally close enough). This dress is still available online, so it’s not too late to add it to your holiday list. Plus, it’s on sale for only $117 right now! That’s a steal for maximum comfort.

Pop culture Snuggies

If your style is more caped crusader than runway fashion, there’s also a Batman Snuggie.

AND, a Wonder Woman version, too!

AND, Captain America.

AND AND, a Hogwarts Robe version. Immediately added to my Amazon shopping cart.

Oh gosh, and a LoTR/Hobbit inspired Gandalf robe that comes complete with the image of a long gray beard.

And, the BEST ’80s inspired Snuggie ever: Rainbow Brite.

Dog Snuggies

If your furry best friend feels left out, you can always get your dog a comfortable Snuggie, too.

What a great time to be alive.

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