9 incredibly strange questions you get asked when you work at Disney World

1. “Do you work here?”

This is strange because above is an actual picture of me and the outfit (“costume”) I had to wear every single day of the week. I may love Disney, but it’s not like I’d wear this in public if I weren’t getting paid for it. So yes, sir/madam/small child, I DO work here!

2. “Can I feed a giraffe?”

For some reason, guests visiting Animal Kingdom got it in their head they could get up close and personal with the giraffes out in the Safari. I was asked this question at least once a week.  Most of the time, guests would get really upset over the fact that they couldn’t hand feed a piece of lettuce to a giraffe. I do actually understand why they were asking this question; you can hand feed a giraffe at Busch Gardens in Tampa. But still. Guest seemed to assume that this was something I could make happen, like I was the cast member assigned to figure out the Giraffe Feeding Schedule. I was not.

3. “Where is the Walt Disney World maternity ward?” 

I pointed this guest in the direction of Baby Care in the Magic Kingdom, and she said, “No no, where do cast members have their babies?” And I remember replying with “….uh, the hospital?”

4. “Can you make it stop raining?” 

Yes, it rains a lot in Florida. When guests ask this, they aren’t trying to be cute or snide. They really think Disney World is enclosed in a bubble and at the flip of a switch the rain would stop (Walt Disney’s original idea actually had the park enclosed in a bubble, so I get that).

5. “Why is the park so crowded?”

My stock response to this question was: ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Guests asked this like it was some math problem I needed to figure out, and I had the ability to walk around and ask guests to leave because it was too crowded.

5a. “Well, can you ask some people to leave?”

SURE! JK not really.

6. “I can’t wait in line.”

This question was not phrased like a question, but it was a question nonetheless. As crazy as this will sound, lots of guests head to Disney World (and Disneyland) and ask if there’s a way for them not to wait in line. Sadly, there is no magical all-inclusive FastPass.

7. “Can you turn the music down?”

Unfortunately, controlling the background music in the park is not as simple as working an iPod. There is no volume button for the music, so no matter how bad your headache might be, there’s nothing that can be done to dull the noise (or any screaming/crying children that might be near you).

8. “Where are the rides?”

Odd question, I know, because usually I’d be standing in front of a ride, and people would be literally mere inches from the ride, and be like, “…So where is it?”

9. “If I just want to ride one ride, do I have to pay for a full day?”

It’d be like, 5 p.m., and the park would still be open for like six more hours, and guests would wander up and assume there was like, a half-day ticket or something (there is no such thing as a half-day ticket).

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