The new trailer for the upcoming “Straight/Curve” documentary shows the effects of body image in the fashion industry

The way our culture talks about bodies, particularly women’s bodies, is largely (still) deeply toxic. Oftentimes, in mainstream narratives, our bodies are treated like objects to be rated and looked, which can instill negative narratives into girls, even as early as childhood.

The first trailer for the Straight/Curve documentary takes care to address the pervasive issues of eating disorders, lack of diversity and underrepresentation of plus-size models in the fashion industry while emphasizing the importance of body positivity and self-love.

We have one more month until the Straight/Curve documentary comes out on June 21st, and this trailer is getting us even more excited for its release!

We’re hoping this will open up even more productive dialogue around the ways the media representation affects body image, and even more specifically, how the fashion industry is often complicit in promoting disordered eating.

We’ve also been loving the posts on the Straight/Curve Instagram account, all of which address the complexities of body image.

The documentary’s synopsis on the website also addresses the fact that because we consume so much more media than ever before in history, its effects are even more significant.

"At a time when the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words, Straight/Curve sets out to change the imagery we are seeing and to bolster a movement that is redefining our culture’s unrealistic and dangerous standards of beauty to impact society at large."

We’re so glad this documentary was made, and we haven’t even seen it yet.

No matter what, it’s getting the ball rolling on some crucial conversations about body image.

Be sure to tune into EPIX on June 21st at 8 p.m., EST for the much-awaited release of the Straight/Curve full-length documentary!

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