Storybook Cosmetics is launching their rose brush set soon, proving that April showers bring May flowers

All of our beauty wishes just keep coming true! Storybook Cosmetics’ What’s In A Name Rose Brush Set is coming out next month (at least we really hope it is)! The beauty brand teased the news in capital letters on their Instagram. The set of four face brushes have been on our makeup wishlist for a few months now, and it looks like we can almost check it off our list.

The indie beauty brand said that pricing for the What’s In A Name Set will be released as soon as production is finished! We are guessing that the sets will be available directly for purchase, and won’t be a presale, like their previous brushes.

We want to keep this enchanted set under a glass dome, they are just so beautiful!

There’s also a Shakespeare-inspired makeup bag, that we’re hoping is part of the brush set. With the Wizard Wand brushes, and the upcoming Quill and BullsEye sets, a themed holder is included, so we’re crossing our fingers this is the case.

This is the first time Storybook has released a makeup bag and it’s the first set of face brushes.

Storybook Cosmetics pays great attention to detail. Each rose has leaves around the ferrule and thorns that are comfortable enough to be held. The deep rose bristles are shaped for applying foundation, contour, and highlight. Ba

The What’s In A Name Rose face makeup brush set from Storybook Cosmetics drops next month, so get your pile of gold ready!

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