Storybook Cosmetics’ upcoming dragon-inspired lipsticks are on FIRE

Start spring cleaning your lipstick drawer, because Storybook Cosmetics is launching dragon-inspired lipsticks! That’s right — coming in a few short months, the fall 2017 lipstick collection will be distinctly dragon-themed — dragon’s egg not included. We saw sketches of these on the Storybook Insta but weren’t sure if they’d come to be. Turns out, the sneaky indie cosmetics brand managed to keep this under wraps until full prototypes were made. We need all three!

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With so many stories including the mythical beast, the dragon lipstick collection is a fool-proof choice for Storybook Cosmetics. Though the brand’s first lippies (the genre collection) were liquid, these new lipsticks will be in classic tubes. Well, almost classic — the exterior will have dragon-like scales in different shades.

So far, Storybook teased three new dragon-themed lipsticks that are coming this fall.

It’s going to be fiery and fierce that’s for sure.

While the lipstick tubes are silver, bronze, and gold, the actual shades don’t necessarily reflect the tubes. In an Instagram post, we can see that the silver lipstick is open, revealing a fall-appropriate berry hue. One thing is for sure, we can’t wait to see what other two shades are lurking in the bronze and gold packaging!

Here’s hoping for a smoky gray or a classic brown shade.

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We would definitely trek the seven kingdoms to get our hands on these Storybook Cosmetics dragon-themed lipsticks!

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