Storybook Cosmetics teased a mysterious product, and it reminds us of the sunflower in Disney’s “Tangled”

We love Disney beauty collaborations, especially when they deliver gorgeous products fit for a princess. So you can imagine how excited we were to discover that Storybook Cosmetics might be cooking up something Disney-related. The popular cruelty-free brand teased a mysterious new product on Instagram that looks a lot like the sunflower in Disney’s Tangled, and we are so curious.

Movie-inspired makeup palettes and brushes are nothing new to the brand that came out with a Harry Potter-inspired Wizardry and Witchcraft palette. Future film collaborations this year include Hunger Games-inspired makeup and a new Mean Girls collab in the fall. With this in mind, it’s perfectly plausible that something Tangled could be coming soon, and we can only imagine what it might be.

On top of our Tangled collab wishlist is definitely something highlighter-related, as the sun itself could suggest some gorgeous shades (perhaps a cheek palette?) boasting major glow material. Another product we’d love to see? How about some golden makeup brushes styled after Rapunzel’s gorgeous floral braid? You know. The one Flynn Rider couldn’t keep his eyes off of? Sigh. A Disney lover can sure dream.

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If you’re curious to see what other beauty treasures Storybook Cosmetics has in the works, visit the brand’s website (or Instagram) to see all their fandom-approved beauty buys. Until then, we’re keeping our fingers (and toes!) crossed that our Tangled beauty wishlist actually pans out IRL.