Storybook Cosmetics shared a sneak peek of their archery-themed brush set

Could it be? The gold glittering BullsEye brush set from Storybook Cosmetics finally in the flesh? Well, plastic! We are so excited that Storybook Cosmetics has updated us on the production of the arrow-shaped brush handles. We need this set and we volunteer as tribute!

The BullsEye makeup brushes sent archery and adventure fans into a frenzy and they haven’t even been released yet! Followers on social media have commented on all of the books and movies that these brushes remind them of, including The Hunger Games and Brave. We have also seen comments from beauty lovers that also shoot bows!

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Storybook Cosmetics must have Cupid working in their lab because their designs continue to capture our hearts. While we patiently wait to see what licensing deals get greenlit, we love that this beauty brand is coming up with magical items like wands and arrows. One fan suggested a set of witchy broomstick makeup brushes and we can not even begin to tell you how much we’d back that!

In addition to showing the actual handles, Storybook posted a separate picture of brush tip prototypes. Oh, the magic of makeup brush making! It looks like the BullsEye set will be another set of five, similar to the previous release of the Wand handled brushes.

No word yet on the quiver/arrow holder or other color variants but we are hoping to get a glimpse at the complete BullsEye package soon! We can’t think of a better home (or display!) for this archery-themed set.

We are so ready to create some Kat-eye realness with these!

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